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Hi there! My name is Malgorzata, I’m a lover of photography, nature, architecture, cultural events and this is my website. I`m from Poland but since 2014 I`ve lived in Carlow town, County Carlow, Ireland.

I created mycarlow blog on 18th of March 2014. It is blog about County Carlow and my trips to other Counties in Ireland. Since 24th of March 2018 I`ve posted in English.


Ireland’s second smallest county gets its names from the Brownshill Dolmen the highest elevation in the county. It might also reasonably be called the Garden County, but that name was already taken (by Wicklow). People from Carlow are often referred to as Barrowsiders — referring to the river, and not the garden vehicle.

What can you find on mycarlow.pl ?

1. Carlow Attractions:

  1. Carlow Castle

  2. The Liberty Tree

  3. Carlow Cathedral of the Assumption

  4. St. Patrick’s Carlow College

  5. Carlow Courthouse

  6. Carlow Town Park

  7. VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art & the George Bernard Shaw Theatre

  8. Carlow County Museum

  9. Carlow Shopping Centre

  10. Carlow Town Hall

  1. Sisters Presentation Convent (now Carlow County Museum)

  2. St Leo’s Convent of Mercy

  3. St. Clare`s Church & Poor Clare Monastery

2. Carlow Culture:

3. Around Carlow:

4. MyCarlow Shop

  • Gifts and souvenirs for Carlow and Ireland lovers: MyCarlow Shop 

5. Photos:

5. Voluntering work:

6. Posts in Polish language:

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