Hardymount Garden in Autumn

I love to explore the gardens and photograph them. I could spend a few hours in the garden, photographing every detail, each flower and each plant.

I am lucky to live in a county that has excellent conditions for the development of gardening, a favorable climate and is famous for its wonderful gardens. My most favorite garden I have ever visited in County Carlow is Delta Sensory Gardens. Altamont Garden is in second place, but this is because I visited Altamont in very early spring, not in the summer when the garden is in full bloom, which I hope to catch up.

The best time to visit the gardens is May, June, July and August, and during this period the Hardymount garden is open to visitors. My Irish friends told me about the garden many times, emphasizing that it is one of the most beautiful private gardens that can be seen in County Carlow.

The garden is open to visitors from May to August, every Sunday, Bank Holiday bank holidays and during the annual Carlow Garden Festival, but it turns out that it is also open in autumn.

First time I visited Hardymount Garden in July 2017 and here is my post about it, in polish language: http://mycarlow.pl/hardymount-garden/

Opening hours: 14:00 – 18:00. Admission to the garden is payable: 5 euro per person. This symbolic fee is transferred to help in cancer research. To visit the garden in larger groups you have to make an appointment in advance. The garden is adapted for the disabled and has a parking lot.

The owner and mentor of Hardymount Garden is Mrs. Sheila Reeves Smyth. 89 year old woman who does all the work in the garden and does it herself. This is what the Hardymount garden is known for.

“Welcome to my garden”, says the sign on the main gate and we already know that we are in a friendly and pleasant place.

In the first impression, Hardymount Garden immediately reminds Altamont Gardens, although it is definitely smaller. However, it has similar but its own charm. After entering, we see a walled garden and a house from 1730. Especially the house is quite similar to the house in Altamont Gardens, fortunately the one in Hardymount is in good condition and is inhabited by the owner and her dog.

Just behind the gate, a huge tree stretches out in front of the house – it is one of the largest Spanish chestnut trees that can be found in Ireland. One of the finest examples of chestnut edible, over two hundred and fifty years old.

Hardymount Garden covers 3.5 hectares, 1.5 hectares, including lawns and shrubs surrounded by beech and oak trees, including the above-mentioned chestnut tree.

Then we have a romantic home, entwined with plants and wild roses. At the back of the house is a garden containing an amazing amount of unusual plants and flowers in all colors. The amount of flowers and colors is stunning. Everything is in full swing.

Each path in the garden reveals something new. Among the plants and flowers are sculptures, statues and benches. There is also a pond with lilies and fish. There are fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a gazebo and a summer house.

The whole makes a great impression. Full of relaxation and rest. You can see that it is a private garden, informal, a bit wild and it is not all fanciful here. Garden Hardymount is well-groomed but not overly well-groomed.

A huge admiration for the 89-year-old owner for the work and effort put into maintaining the entire garden.

Each year, Hardymount Garden participates in the Carlow County Garden Festival and is highly praised by gardening experts.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to visit this garden. I recommend and invite you to a photo report.

How to get there: From Dublin – through the town of Tullow to the Bunclody N81. Turn right after the Topaz gas station, on the outskirts of the city. Turn right at the next intersection, Hardymount is 550 meters on the right.

My second visit in Hardymount Garden was in October 2018 and below photos how Hardymount Garden looks during an autumn.















































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